March 28, 2014

Yesterday Kayla and I planned to go to the Money exhibit.  The weather was gorgeous, and we started out in the morning by heading to people’s square.  We walked through the 1930’s Shanghai recreation under the Urban Planning Museum, and Kayla thought it was great.  She was really into the different old pictures and models […]


Kayla and I did karaoke with our  work folk and then i went and met a new client at the top of the Kerry center.  A guy that runs  a British pharmaceutical China branch that has to perform for the CEO in six weeks and needs English help.  He told me that there was a […]


Normal work day.  Fun night with Kayla playing Cribbage and the Emo or whatever game on the tablet.  She keeps beating me though.  Tomorrow we are going to Karaoke in China for the first time with our work friends.  Her first time anyway.  And then I am meeting a new client and the guy from […]

A “normal” Friday

It has been almost a year since I left the law firm, and I haven’t had a “normal” Friday since.  But now finally I am settling into some sort of routine.  Kayla is next to me reading the first but in Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, and I am piddling around on the internet trying […]

EB5 round one

Today I did the ping-ponging around Shanghai that I planned, with an extra stop at home to pick up a piece for my laptop that connects it to a projector because I forgot it in my other suit jacket, which limited my time at the Shangri-la. I am constantly disappointed by my ability to find […]